Watch Jadavpur Viral Video On Reddit

Recently appearing on Reddit, a shocking video from Jadavpur University has attracted the attention of the wide online community. This video has caused a lot of controversy and mixed reactions from viewers. Check out this viral video at “Watch Jadavpur Viral Video On Reddit” on megaroyalcity.vn and join the discussion on the social and ethical issues associated with this event.

Watch Jadavpur Viral Video On Reddit
Watch Jadavpur Viral Video On Reddit

I. What is Jadavpur Viral Video?

The viral Jadavpur video surfaced on Reddit and Twitter making it a hot topic on the internet. Viewers are curious about the context surrounding the video content, including some sexually suggestive scenes. However, this video is not easily found for social media users who are not actively searching for it, and it is not advertised on social networks like previous films.

Following a controversy involving the Instagram group ‘Bois Locker Room’, a former Jadavpur University student, Souryadeep Basak, was accused of sharing nude photos of women without consent via Google Drive. The allegations came after a Twitter user revealed that a group of men from the university had been using and circulating these photos with friends since 2016. Several potential victims had asked not expose this incident for the impact on their mental health. Souryadeep Basak insists the images are stories of his romances and is not intended to treat women as objects. Iman Kalyan Ghosh, another man accused of knowing about the existence of Google Drive, claimed he loathes and supports those who criticize such men’s behavior.

Watch Jadavpur Viral Video On Reddit

II. Watch Jadavpur Viral Video On Reddit

III. Content Jadavpur Viral Video On Twitter

Jadavpur University student accused of uploading nude photos of women on Google Drive without consent. A group of women have accused Souryadeep Basak, a former student of Jadavpur University, of sharing their sensitive photos on Google Drive. Similar allegations were made against a group of male students from Jadavpur University in Kolkata after the controversial ‘Bois Locker Room’ Instagram case was revealed. Twitter user ‘Aiyoobrows’ has accused a group of men of using nude photos of women in Google Drive and sharing them with their friends since 2016.

She named two men, Souryadeep Basak, who is believed to be the owner of the drive, and Imankalyan Ghosh, who has similar access. Another Twitter user made further allegations, claiming that the photos were taken by manipulating the victims, and named several men accused of sharing sexually explicit photos of women. Since then, many screenshots have been circulated on social media, with victims voicing criticism of the behavior.

A woman alleges an incident happened to her in 2015 while attending the international MUN (Model United Nations) in Odisha, where Basak asked her to send her photos. Basak then allegedly sent her d*ck photos. Under pressure, she sent her sensitive photos and believed he would delete them later. She was shocked to learn her photos were being circulated on Google Drive.

Watch Jadavpur Viral Video On Reddit

IV. The online community’s reaction to Video

The online community’s reaction to the incident where a Jadavpur University student was accused of sharing nude photos of women via Google Drive was strong and varied. Here are some typical reactions:

1. Outrage and criticism:

Many netizens expressed outrage and criticized this student’s actions, considering it an invasion of women’s privacy and dignity. They demanded serious consequences for those involved and called on the authorities to investigate the incident.

2. Advocating for Victims:

Some netizens expressed their sympathy and support for victims, encouraging them to stand up and speak out about these improper actions. They also share victim support information and resources.

3. Strengthening sex education:

There are opinions that this event is a sign of the importance of increasing sex education at all levels, in order to raise awareness and respect for each individual’s gender. core.

4. Social and Cultural Discussion:

The incident also attracted the attention of many netizens, discussing issues related to culture, society and masculinism, especially in the Indian context. India, where the problem of sexual harassment and abuse of women is still serious.

In summary, the online community has had mixed reactions to this event, from anger, criticism, to sympathy and support for the victim, as well as discussion of related social and cultural issues.

Watch Jadavpur Viral Video On Reddit

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